JumiiFoxx Commissions



  • ➤If you have a specific budget contact me and I will tell you what options are available!

  • ➤I can work in different styles, from a more stylized cartoon to a more realistic one if needed. Please check my portfolio in case you have doubts about which one you’d prefer.

  • ➤References and/or a description of your character must be provided.

  • ➤The price stated below is a general one, but it may vary if the character has a high complexity in it’s design and elements as it’s mentioned.

  • ➤The prices on the future may vary depending on external circunstances.

  • ➤The archives will be sent in high resolution, tell me if you need it in a specific size before the rendering phase.


  • ➤ The only payments accepted are via Paypal or Bank transfer.

  • ➤ In the portraits and plain colouring artworks the payment will be done upfront.

  • ➤ In the case of the half body and full body with detailed rendered colour artworks there’ll be the possibility of paying 50% upfront and 50% after the complexion of the artwork’s final sketch.

  • ➤ Refunds will not be accepted unless the artwork hasn't been started.

  • ➤ If you need a specific date line let me know, If this one’s too short,the commission’s price may rise.

  • ➤The changes will be decided on the sketch phase. Once the colouring has started only minimal changes will be possible.

  • ➤The artwork created will be only for personal use. If you’d be interested in it’s commercial use, inform me of it.


Render 45$

Flat colors 35$

Sketch 25$


60$ (with background)
50$ (without backgound)

Half Body

  • Lineart: 30$

  • Flat colors: 45$

  • Render: 70$

Thank you!

If you are interested on requesting price and availability information, please contact me at: [email protected]